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Semco International Ltd is your specialist in water conditioning. Proudly associated with Care-Free Conditioners Australia, we're the exclusive distributor for Care Free Water Conditioners in Kenya, a trusted hard water solution since 1980. Together, let's solve hard water problems.

Director's Story - Ernest Simeoni.

My names are Ernest Simeoni and I am a small hobby farmer in the outskirts of Nairobi where I grow bananas, pawpaws and tomatoes. I drilled a borehole on the farm with the intention of using the water for irrigation purposes for my crops.
After growing the crops for some time I started noticing the plants were affected by leaf burn to an extent that they were dying despite sufficient amounts of water and nutrients. After a struggle to find out what was the cause, I came to understand that the problem was related to my borehole water which was hard water.
After researching on the internet I came across Carefree water conditioners, which are made in Australia. I contacted the company for more information and I was convinced from the information I got from them. I took a high risk and imported one unit and installed it on my borehole.
After introducing carefree to a few of my friends and found that we were getting some very positive results, I then decided to take on the distributorship for Carefree in Kenya.
Pawpaw’s irrigated with borehole water through drippers which never get blocked
This swimming pool in kajiado is fed with bore hole water through a carefree conditioner
These tomatoes are grown in the Machakos area using borehole water irrigated through drip system
Bananas irrigated with borehole water through drippers which never get blocked
More tomatoes grown at Machakos using borehole water irrigated through drip irrigation system


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